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There are similar applications available (for free!) in the market which allow you to do those things (and more!) directly (via sms) ... no need to log into a 'secure server' to locate, alarm, lock, etc.

I've tried a few, (PhoneLocator, WheresMyDroid, et. al) and 'Lost Phone' (which is free) was my favorite (albeit not the most robust... yet) The utility is password protected, and it provides a 'lost phone' message with 3 contact numbers when the phone is locked, and if the sim is replaced switches out to a stolen phone message, and notifies your contacts of the new #.

The 'secure server' aspect of your app is the biggest turn-off for me ... why is it necessary?


The web interface makes it easier and the person with the phone doesnt get a SMS that gives away the phone is being located.


@sycko Will this app. work on a rooted droid? Thanks