dealsstar trek (single-disc edition) for $3.20


When I ordered this the UPC sticker amazon uses to track stuff said Single Disc.... but the package was 2 disc special edition.

Not saying that's what you will get, but I didn't complain.


Just watched this yesterday. Great movie! I cannot wait for the sequel to come out, it looks epic!


Is this the blu-ray or cd version?


@andydoug: Me too! My HTPC is down pending a new mobo, and when I took to the old bluray collection yesterday, Star Trek won out. It really bears well multiple viewings. There were a few things I picked up on in this viewing that I hadn't previously, despite having watched it twice before.

I'm sure I don't need to convince anyone here, but this is such a fantastic flick!


A quick search shows you can order the two disc copy for 70c more. The blu-ray is still a little more through.


@bethy54: It's the CD version. Put it in your CD player and listen away.


I meant dvd...but thank you.


First movie (this one) is damned good, but from the previews of the 2nd, it is looking like a lot of cliches (crashing the Enterprise -done before) and typical hollywood crap forced in to it. I don't hold out much hope for it.


I'm trying to cancel mine now to get the 2 disc instead, otherwise I'll be happy with the 1.