dealsfarberware® 6 piece resin knife set for $31.00…


Before you get all excited, Resin is not ceramic or else this would be the best deal on Woot ever.


I bought these on woot about a year ago and I love them. They are beautiful and still very sharp. Just be sure to only hand wash them.


This appears to be non-stick coated knifes. I guess I can see where that might be useful. For the average college kid just looking to have something, the price isn't bad. Anyone else... well... One thing I have learned over the years, every chef swears by their own knives... whether by the brand, German or Japanese, etc... I bought a $100 set a few years back because it was "affordable", and I am already looking to invest in a new set again. Do the research, spend the money, and you will not regret it. Knives are the only real kitchen tools you shouldn't pick up in the bargain bin. Wow, as a wooter since 2007, it actually hurt me a little to say that... but I stick to it.


Do they make these out of plastic clamshell packaging? Because there is nothing sharper than that.