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what the heck? i bought two of these about 1-2 weeks ago from newegg. i could have save almost $10 =/


I have one of these and this is a good price for it .... but I find myself hardly using my Roku. 1080p is the capability but much of what is available is lo def and looks terrible on my big screen, more and more the channels available carry a subscription cost or you are limited to clips until you provide your TV provider in a registration form which is then checked by a bot. Any dreams you have of dumping your cable provider and
getting everything you used to have is just that...a dream.


@stevebc957: I'd argue that expecting to dump cable and get everything you had for free beyond the price of a Roku and a Netflix sub is a little naive. If you have to have 1080p and the latest everything, Roku's not for you, as you have found out. We cut our cord and are happy - saving $100 a month will do that. But it's not for everybody.


I have one of these and it works great. There a few channels I have invested subscriptions in but its a great alternative to cable for me at a small fraction of the price. And my kids (or me ) can kill some time knocking over pigs on this one too.


Promo code isn't working for me. :(