dealssandisk ultra 64gb class 10 sdhc flash memory…


For a comparison, NewEgg appears to have the same (or similar) item for $55, free shipping, and NO SALES TAX (depending on where you are).


as with any other 64 gig card... this is actually an sdXC card... not sdHC as stated in the description... meaning it is not compatabile unless the device being used supports the sdXC standard


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It looks like all the $49.99 ones are gone. :(


I take it back! It looks like they are back in stock. I got one! Yay! Thanks OP!


@warrp: This not true. Wikipedia(link below) states "FAT32-formatted SDXC cards can be used in a host device built for SDHC if the host device can handle 64GB and larger volumes."


@hackshaq: just letting people know that not all devices will properly detect the card if they are not specifically SDXC compatible... it says so in the quote you used from Wikipedia

"if the host device can handle 64GB and larger volumes"

i have an sdhc camera that refuses to work with a fat32 formatted (or any other formatted) 64 gig card and another one that works fine so it could be luck of the draw, but if the device is somewhat new the card should work fine, especially with devices that take advantage of the decent speeds this card offers.