dealshawaiian themed ukulele for $11.99 + free shipping


I was going to forward this to a friend of mine who's been wanting a ukulele. But I'm not going to ask him to register for a site just to look at their merchandise. This is a dumb business model. No diss to the OP, but in case anyone from the vendor happens to visit d.w....


@moondrake: I can see your point. I suppose I'd forgotten that detail, having been signed up for quite some time.

Conversely, it only takes a moment to register, particularly if you use autofill. And, it's easy enough to later unsubscribe from their mailing list. That's what I chose to do.

I suppose it just depends on how good the deal is or how much you absolutely NEED a ukelele. lol


Some of these are also available at the mothership:

The word "toy" is added to the title, and the 1 review is not good.


This is pretty much a toy/prop. You can actually get a surprisingly decent starter ukelele for not much more than $20-30 or so. You won't get mistaken for a pro at that price range, but they'll hold turning well and are fine for learning and dabbling.

There's no reason at all to buy this piece of junk unless you just want something vaguely ukelele-shaped to nail to the wall of your home tiki bar or something.


You can pick up a Mahalo Uke for around $25 on Amazon. I have one and am pleased with the quality and sound.


I am holding out for the Irish themed ukulele. Hawaiian is just sooo mainstream.


@starblind: I'm thinking (hoping) that no one spends $12 on a purple ukelele expecting fine craftsmanship. It is cute and fun. That's sufficient for me.

But, thanks for your input, just to avoid any possible confusion.


@moondrake: Actually, you do not have to register to see their products. You only have to register to see the special "flash" section. All the rest of the site you can browse without signing up.


@scmtim: lol don't know if that really exist or not, but assuming it doesn't......that made me laugh.


went to the site registered and never found a uke for sale WTF


@twilli7: That is because they are a "daily deal" site and their products offered change at 12:00 AM Eastern