dealsapple ipad mini for $299.00


Only a $30 discount. And for that I would rather buy it directly from Apple, with free shipping and custom engraving for free.


Both Target and Best Buy will price match. Bring proof of the price.


they have been running sales every couple weeks selling them at 279.99


I wish I could have gotten the $279.99 deal, but I got one the other day at Best Buy and had them price match the $299 from Walmart. I like to buy my electronics there and get my rewards points. Plus, I have a hate/can't live without them relationship with Walmart, so I don't want to spend money there if I don't have to.


@snipercat: Also if you have the Target card (debit or credit) it's an additional 5% off (at Target, obviously).


Just got back from Target with using my target card Saved almost $50 thank :-)


Kewl! Got one! Though I hate shopping at Wally's can't beat the price! $118 and change after redeeming some store credit I had saved up from taking back some extra games after X-MAS that I had got super cheap during BF (like $9.99 Xbox games for $59.99 & $49.99 WALMART prices) Will make a great gift for my sister's bday!


If you happen to have a Perkstreet card you can save an additional 3% by purchasing from Wal-Mart. That's another $9 give or take.

Every little bit helps, right?


@girlbytes: Are you one of those obnoxious people holding up the customer service line the 1 or 2 times a year I actually go to Wal-Mart? >-:-(

Last time I was there a lady was returning what seemed like her entire wardrobe of clothing. She took at least 20 minutes of the associate's time by the time I left. All while I was trying to return a single item of course.

Bah! Humbug Wal-Mart shoppers!