dealschuck e. cheese's 10 free tokens valentine's day…


Awesome! Just went there this weekend with my niece! I will print some of these out for her to give out at school tomorrow!!


Chucky Cheese on ma birfday.


Cute! Every kid loves Chuck e Cheese, and parents love free valentines for the kids to hand out! Thanks :-)


This is fantastic. My twins are having their birthday party there on Saturday! Thanks!!


read the fineprint: food purchase is required!


Good deal...Who goes there an just plays games?...Buy the crappy pizza for the kids and you get free tokens. Quit your complaining...and go to Cicis (FECES) too fo them.


Where a kid can be a kid.

And where an adult can be kicked out for "acting like a child". Fascists.

I remember getting tokens when I brought in good grades on my report cards. But for some reason they don't honor Final Grades in college. Ageists.

At least they cannot deny me these free tokens.


Chuck E. Cheese & Major Magics was nice places with arcade games that was good for all ages & a nice little free maze when I was a kid.

Now Chunk Your Cheese is filled with games only good for preschoolers


Some comments make me laugh, I had to take a minute and just say, this is a nice things for the kids and I was there today with my 7 year old and they have games for all ages not just pre-schoolers.

Thanks to whomever for this.