dealssandisk sansa clip plus sdmx18r-004gr-a57 4gb mp3…


---------SCAM - SCAM - BEWARE!!! - SCAM - SCAM---------- is who stole my money!!!
I have had a horrible experience with and Mr. Brian Wasz, as well. I placed an order in October and it is February. I still have not received my product or refund. When I wrote to "", I was told four different times that I would receive a refund. Mr. Wasz said he would "personally" see to it that I would be refunded within "72 hours." Then when I never received the refund he said the "accounting department" would respond more quickly if I filed a Paypal dispute. However, at this point, the 45 day period had elapsed so Paypal wouldn't do anything. He kept promising me I'd get my refund week after week, long enough for me not to be able to do a PayPal dispute. So basically, he stole $46.98 from me and others.