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Cool, now I can finally tell that kid that I'm his father!


We live in Arizona and get frequent dust storms. In that dust are spores that cause something called VALLEY FEVER. It can be nasty. These masks will go a long way toward keeping us healthy when there's a dust storm coming through and we really have to go outside.


$7.99 shipping. Not bad but not awesome either.


These are terrific if you and your significant other eat lots of frijoles.


Is Czech gas that bad for you?


You can also get shipping for a penny with promo code "BKPENNY245".


Never dropped, except that one time.


Buyer Beware: BudK products are absolute junk. The only thing worse than their products is their customer service if you attempt to return it.


Take caution in buying gas masks if you plan to use them. Filters on some if not most dated masks are harmful by themselves (due to their aged composition) and will not help against most agents you will use said masks for. Take your time and do some research before putting your life in the hands of something that might fail you when you need it most.

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