dealsnexus 7 16gb tablet from google for $149.00…


If you are interested in this deal, do yourself a favor and spend $20 more on the 32GB model. These don't have expandable storage.


Is the 32 gb link if anyone needs help finding it! Sorry for mobile link in on my phone


Generally 16 GB is pretty much storage on a tablet. The the apps you want to download aren't going to take up more than 1-2 GB (no matter how many- most apps are relatively small). The rest of the storage is for media files. Music MP3 are about 250 songs per GB. Books files are pretty small at about 300 books per GB. Movies are your biggest culprit at 700mb to 1gb each compressed generally. Most of the time a 16gb tablet will be more than enough. If you are a movie hound, another option would be to use and OTG adapter and download the Nexus media importer- then you could use any flash drive (and some hard drives) you want that has stored media on it to connect. The tablet does NOT have to be rooted to use this. This is what you need: $6 $4

The overview on the nexus media importer explains the process.


Just in case people miss this on the product page itself.

If you use coupon code 20098 (it shows you the code when you are on the page for the tablet) you can get an additional $30 off bringing the price down to $169.00 for 32GB model (same code for 16GB). Strangely though, that coupon expires today (7/13) for 16GB version and tomorrow (7/14) for 32GB version if their site is to be believed.

*Disclaimer, I did not buy it but it is showing me that price on order review page before you pay.

Also, if this is to be believed it might explain the sale. But then who knows.


@gak0090: I got the 32GB model yesterday and discovered this same thing last night so ordered adapter off the bay (inexplicably, all the sellers on Ammy were in Hong Kong and I didn't want to wait four weeks for it to arrive). Thanks for reminding me about the media importer.

BTW, anybody considering this great deal - if you buy in store unbox and check it in store. The first one I got had DOA speakers. Fortunately I live close to a Staples and they still had one in stock but since it's a clearance item it could sell out. Lookup the known issues before you unbox and save some time.


@glebv: Staples has been running increasing sales/coupons for the last couple of weeks. If this one expires there will be another next week if they still have any in stock. I think ditto for the other office stores. With this coupon it was better than ammy yesterday and today, even with tax. If you can live with risk of it selling out the price might continue to drop.


@cosmicpea: Ye, I'm on the fence about it as is, I already have the HP touchpad loaded with android, I don't think I really need another tablet that much. The only reason I am considering it is because it is more portable. So I can play that game. If I miss out, no big deal. Thanks for the info and I guess that means they are really trying to dump stock of them. I think tomorrow we shall know what the new coupon is.


@glebv: If you still have the HP touchpad would you let me know, please?