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Since when did dogs start preferring grunting toys to squeaking ones?


@shadowzero26: Well, one of my border collies has always hated (I mean HATED!) squeaking toys, so grunting might be preferred. We will see.


This my second favorite grunting hedgehog right after Ron.


Ordered one several months ago, dog LOVED it, chewed it all up, been looking for more, in for three!!


I have one, and it seems like a great toy, but ...

I offered it to one usually calm dog, who immediately attacked it with such ferocity that 20 seconds later it had a big hole in its belly; I took it away because it would have been completely shredded within five minutes.

On the other hand, my usually feisty (25 pound) dog is terrified by it - go figure!


my dog's favorite toy, she destroys them though. my favorite was the one with the santa hat. i also sewed one of the squeekers grunter things into a winter hat so when you tap my had it grunts.