dealssuper talent 4gb micro sdhc class 4 memory card w…


SHIPPING...2.99 EACH UNIT. (calculated for area...this was mine) an aside. thank you to all who put shipping info in the body of the deal to save time for those that follow.


@morriea: Man I totally meant to do that! I did look it up. I had not noticed it was a per unit charge though....


@bund9032: I still voted up...started to order a 10 till I saw 30.00 high for me. These must be made of neutron star matter or something (heavy!)


If you follow the link, you'll also find virtually all of these brands' SDHC cards are on sale, even the class 10 cards. So perhaps buy the 32GB card for 16ish bucks and only pay the shipping once? :0)


My deal just hit the sponsored section for the day. Think it's gonna get yanked????


when you add 2.99 for shipping, the deal is ok at best. Great looking out though! I appreciate everyone looking around for good deals and posting