dealstron: evolution collector's edition: xbox 360 for…


I was tempted, but then read the reviews on the CE...


OOoooooOOOooo! A ticket to see Tron in theaters! SOLD!


I'm in for two! I wanna take my wife!

...end of line


This set was $30 at my local Frys Electronics (Plano, TX). They had 2 in stock as of yesterday - both PS3.


I heard the game was basically like Prince of Persia: Sands of Time, which is a o k in my book.

Never played it though so can't comment.
Is there a deal on just the game? I don't have room for all the collectible crap.


@stipo: You can always buy the game and either sell the collectable crap (eBay) or throw it away.


Yes, I played through the game and it is essentially a Tron-themed Prince of Persia game -- down to exacting detail (game play, mechanics, battle sequences, puzzles, etc.)

I love the Prince of Persia games and the Tron universe, so I thought this game was great!


Could it in anyway be nearly as good as PoP:SoT, though?