dealsgibson faded sg special electric guitar for $499…


*wait, nvm. guitarcenter already dropped their price to match, so they no longer have to beat this price.

no promises, but i think that if you contact guitar center, they will beat this by 10%, and it's already is $50 cheaper than anywhere else.


gc and mf are i believe the same company, so most their sales go hand in hand. Although when I order from MF there is never a sales tax so then again, maybe not. gc is cool and nearly always matches prices and at least you can try out the guitar first. only drawback is so many guitars there already have the "new" feeling played out of them. I'm a believer in that the higher end guitars all sound just a touch different for even the same model so i love gc for allowing me to have played over a dozen LP and strats before buying each of mine. I've never been an SG guy but at this price its hard to turn down esp for someone who doesn;t already have a gibson. also if you ask sometimes they will add the sales tax to the purchase price at gc so you don't really pay a tax.


EDIT: I lied, apparently it doesn't apply to the SG, likely due to the huge discount already.

The banner on the website says 15% off any single item (over $149) with the code NEWGEAR15. Makes this deal even better!