dealsbeats solo headphones by dr. dre - model 128885…


Good price compared to the original, but still some of the WORST HEADPHONES ON THE MARKET for the price.

Seriously, they sound AWFUL. If you want someone opinion who is a somewhat more significant internet yahoo than me, here:

Better headphones for less money: (I should point out that these have a similar awesome bass-kick for those who were wondering)

If you really want over the ear pads and a sealed case: are nice and almost the same price, though they'll have less of a bass kick


Stick with the Klipsch Mode M40 Noise Canceling Headphones they post on here every few weeks. They are much better than Beats and for the price you can get them from Woot it's worth it.


So Dre got Monster to design and produce them, but he worded the contract just right so that he would own the design and trademark, wouldn't have to pay any of the development cost, and could basically end any relationship with Monster after 5 years. So in 2012, he did just that while Monster no longer makes a dime off of a product it designed and built. Way to go Dre.

Also, these headphones are terrible and if they were branded differently would sell in the $25 range based on cost to produce.


I talk from experience, I have owned and sold most of the Beats by... headsets, and headphones.... Overpriced and redundant bass...
If you are in the market for a pair of cans, I stuck with the VMODA LP2 good price and excellent build quality.... also excellent sound!
hope this helps


If these were just Beats headphones, and not by Dr. Dre, Monster Cables would be lucky to sell for for $50 bucks. I've bought a pair to see what the hype was about and was thoroughly under impressed. Luckily I could return them.

It's all about the 'it' factor with these. Not sound quality. And this comes from someone who listens to a lot of music with bass.


These headphones are seriously unimpressive as far as the sound goes. However, if you'd like to look totally awesome while working out, waiting in line at a fancy coffee place, or riding in the back of your mom's van - the way back - these are totally for you.

Seriously though, spend a third of the price for something comparable. You might lose friends, but your music will be happier.


Friends don't let friends buy Beats.



I've had Beats, and my Klipsch Image ONE - Gen - 2 sound better than these, and I paid $60 for them.


Does nobody understand it has NOTHING to do with sound. It's all about looking cool in the mall while walking and talking with your friends. Granted, none of you can hear each other or have a conversation because you have big ass stupid headphones on, but at least ya'll look dope. Dope, right, that's the word?


look like a douche for only $199!!!


@niceum: Yes. For people who buy these things, dope is definitely the word.


The collective wisdom of the community brings a proud tear to my eye.


@niceum: why try to look cool with these when one could walk around with Stax headphones and only be awed by people who knows them (and then know you are just doing it for show cuz those headphones require high voltage power source).