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I wanted to add I got one last time.
It does what it says, thats about it.
Makes cold shots.
Its big and pretty and looks great next to the margarita maker, and not that I expected fireworks or anything, but it makes cold shots and thats it.


Regular price is $199.99?! That's nuts!


I'm calling NONSENSE on the stuff about how ice only cools your drinks to 32F.

32F is just the temperature at which ice first freezes. Ice can be cooled far below 32F, and should be, for making cocktails.

My freezer is nothing special, but cools my ice down to -01F.

And I call NONSENSE again on the idea that ice just dilutes your drink.

A shaken (martini, for example) or stirred (Manhattan, for example) cocktail actually BENEFITS from the cold water added to the drink during shaking or stirring. The cold water balances the drink, and helps blend the flavors of the ingredients.

Of course, I'm not talking "chocolatinis" here ...


This appears to be an actual cooler. In other words, it will chill out warm beverages.

Judging by the power requirements, it is a peltier driven cooler, not refrigeration as we know it. (Pelts work by applying DC power to a special solid-state device {or a bunch of them} and one side will get hot, as the other side gets real cold.) It is the same process in those lighter plug-in coolers or heaters. (I've seen ones that both heat and cool.)

Since it is coming from Jimmy Buffett, I'm tempted, but since it is a pelt, I'm passing.



I'm really tempted but nothing says, "An alcoholic lives here," quite like a machine on your counter to keep your shots cold.


@sdbcmr: Your comment reminded me of an article I read on Gizmodo a few weeks back. Where they tested the effect of shaken versus stirred martinis and the possible dilution of the alcohol potency from the melting of the ice. The results were interesting, granted it was a one off test, but still interesting none the less. I suppose if someone wanted to make sure that the spirit they decided to drink was at it's full undiluted alcohol content, this chiller would be a good choice.


Ok, this looks like an Ok deal and an Ok product, but it angers me how people put these inflated "retail" costs to make it look like you're getting a deal. Amazon has the same one for $57.59 including shipping (prime). The reviews are fairly good if you want something that does this basic function. Personally, I put my bottle of Patron in the freezer and I'm good to go.