dealsvalentine's sirloin steak dinner for 2 - outback…


might be a good deal, but you didn't include any price.


@kamikazeken: I know. They didn't either. That's why I said to call your local Outback. "Participation & prices may vary."

They usually offer really good deals on these specials. My Outback total for this deal, w/o special pricing is $32.06 (6 oz sirloins & everthing else). I'm guessing it will be around $20. Just a guess...don't quote me. ;-) I'm calling tomorrow to ask prices, etc.


If any one takes me to Outback Steakhouse for Valentine's would be the last Valentine's Day with him. Have some standards...


@lll0228: not everyone is a food snob. red lobster, outback, chili's and applebees are perfectly fine for most people. Personally, if the woman I took out on valentines day was upset about the restaurant choice, I'd dump her anyway. I'd prefer a woman that appreciates someone who doesn't overpay for dining out, that means more money left over for things that are more important than any single meal.

A woman that would not go out with a man again simply because he chose outback for dinner is a materialistic snob who is probably going to make him waste money on other things for the rest of his life. "sorry bud, that diamond's not big enough" "what, you drive a chevy instead of a BMW???"

Even if the relationship made to a wedding, she'd probably make you go into debt to put on one of those ridiculous weddings like you see on tv.

*Trying REALLY hard not use the word bitch in this post.... oops!


@lll0228: Or lower your standards Paris Hilton


@lll0228 Him?? ...Oh, okay. Guess everyone has different tastes. And standards. Sorry you don't care for the Outback. Hope your Valentine pleases you w/your favorite!


@gmwhit: I'd guess her valentine often gets berated over many of his choices. Poor S.O.B.
I know a few guys that got stuck with wives like that. Whenever they leave a gathering, everyone talks about their miserable wife behind her back and feel sorry for him.


I like Outback. I've been to pretentious restaurants and they give you a tiny dinner with a big price tag giving the wantabes something to gloat about. I would much rather go to a comfortable place and save the money for a months worth of groceries. If a guy I was dating took me to Outback I'd be happy to get a great meal. Anybody that would complain about being taken out doesn't deserve to be taken anywhere.


I'd have no problem if my hubby took me to Outback.. But not on Valentine's Day, Mother's Day, Father's Day or New Year's Eve. The worst nights to go out to any restaurant. We may have to go this weekend though.

Now, if he paid too much attention to the marquees and made Valentine's reservations at White Castle, I'd have to get a doghouse for him to sleep in for awhile. I'm not pretentious, but I do have some standards!


I always leave outback still hungry and my wallet empty. Not a big fan. Kind of strange they didn't include the price with this advertisement.


@lll0228: Sounds like you'd be doing them a favor by leaving. Your statement makes you sound as if you'd also throw a hissy fit if someone gave you a ring that was only 5 carats instead of 10. So, from where I sit, I think you should feel lucky if anyone wanted to be within a mile of you for Valentine's Day... or, any day for that matter.


@lll0228: hahaha this is awesome, lll0228 is absolutely getting sh*t on. And while her hyperbole is fairly obvious (anyone in a serious relationship....which she never said she was in...would not break up over an outback sirloin) she does bring up at least a somewhat valid point.

Yes Outback is a decent deal for your money, but if you're just looking for the best value then why eat out at all? Why not dumpster dive for food from a local grocery? It's been proven to be hygienic enough for consumption and is MUCH cheaper than any $20 steak(s). Meanwhile, would you classify flowers on an anniversary as a waste of money? What about a concert where you spent a little extra to sit closer to the stage? All of these things are fleeting and matter little in the long run, but its the thought and meaning BEHIND the financial commitment that means something. Just like a flower dies and is thrown out, a romantic evening ends but the memory of that night won't. So eat at outback, just not today.


@lll0228 Really?? If you are so much better than an Outback dinner, you should not be visiting this site. Obviously you were not brought up right, to be thankful for what you are given. You must have special designer handbags, nails done weekly, and walk around with a hat on your head. It's too bad you have chosen to go through life this way. Someday you will see what you have done wrong, most likely after it's too late. I'm just glad I don't have to see, hear or interact with you on a daily basis!,d.dmQ&psig=AFQjCNG3h8lW7QC5pXeJ3cQjiUxbk4InFg&ust=1360937136709391


Came for the deal, stayed for the comments.


@petepappa: @lll0228:

How about those of us going through hard times, which may be the reason we are on Woot in the first place? This is something nice to do with your wife/girlfriend when times are tight. Its valentines day and you dont have the money to do something big so at least get out of the house and do something that means neither of you have to cook.

Right now I cant afford to do much for my wife for valentines day, Surprise dental and Car repair bills have a way of doing that, but doing this means that I can at least express that even when times are tough we can do SOMETHING on special occasions. So go enjoy breaking up with your boyfriend and dumpster diving, the rest of us will enjoy having a nice dinner that we didn't have to cook tonight.


HA! Right on ll0228. I probably would have put it more elegantly. Your last sentence is spot on, have some standards. Going to Outback for Valentine's Day is the biggest cop out. There are tons of non chain restaurants that serve GREAT food, above and beyond what Outback/Chilis/Applbees/Red Lobster/Olive Garden serve. Way better. Do some research and you will find a lot of Mom and Pops shops out there busting ass serving great food, well above the chain standards. They have to, they don't have corporate backing.

You don't see any of the food network chefs doing cook offs with Olive Garden chefs, or Guy Fieri visiting different Applebee's around the country, or Bourdain taking three boats and a mule to visit Red Lobster.

If Outback is your thing, great, go for it. To me, chain restaurants set the bar pretty low on food quality. My opinion only, you're entitled to yours.


@stevenlee212: Price is dependent on area for this one due to the fluctuating price of beef. It is unusual for them (Formerly advertizing the 9.99 meal deals) but the instability in the beef market is abnormally volatile right now


@lll0228: if your woot avatar is any indication, I don't think you need to worry about anyone wanting to be with you on V-day. You ugly!!! And before anyone says it, yes, I know this is coming from someone that is a step away from looking like Davy Jones from POTC.


@lvps: Never thought I would read the phrase "Outback" and "great meal" in the same sentence without the word "not". Hmmmm. Must be a typo.


Called my local Outback and the price for this meal for Two is $38.99 SAVING a whopping $3. Not much of a WOOT!


I don't suggest Take-Out for Outback. I go to Outback a lot and have done take-out also. Outback food does not travel well. It is great at the restaurant, but goes cold and soggy fast!


@swedonia: Not every man is a food connoisseur such as yourself. But you are right, you do have standards......and their shallow.

Luckily for the rest of us some women's standards are in the quality of a person, and not something as meaningless as what tv chef they can name.


Off-topic...take a screenshot of the leaderboard. You're #1!


@blackbradpitt: Your right, not every man is a food connoisseur. It takes work to make a great meal or find a great meal. If you like Outback, good for you!

My standards are shallow because I like to enjoy good food. Ummmm yeah, right.

If you don't like good food, then you don't like the good things in life.

BlackBradPitt. Someone thinks they are all that and a bag of chips with that handle, now don't we? Who seems pretentious now, hmmmmmmmm?


Jesus Christ, there are so many awful things happening in this thread. I wish I could give the world a logic class.


@stark: there isnt a whole lotta logic in Jesus Christ either. Kidding.



@ckcarlton: I agree, if you dont live close to the Outback then dont do take away. And if you do go the take away route, take off the top of the blooming onion box. The condensation inside it will cause problems quickly.


@lll0228: Anyone who would take you to an Outback(Applebees, olive garden and the like) and could AFFORD to go to a nice place is either so comfortable and unappreciative of your company they don't care what you think, totally clueless or they are a cheapskate. In any case it is your job to let them know what you think or send them packing. Now if that is all they can afford you should appreciate the effort, even though there are nicer places for less money if they took a minute to look. Romance takes some effort, if you care.


@jball28: Thank god, someone made a comment about the deal! I feel liek I've been sifting through insults and petty arguing for ages to get to this.


In VA, the cost is $36.99... not much of a deal.


Can't be a "deal" without a price... period.


$35 in Jax, FLA - going to Carrabbas instead.


@publicart: I'm confrused o.O (not a typo)


@mrsque: Based on that ATC it appears @lll0228 is seeing a woman. I doubt they are worried about men taking them to Outback for romantic endeavors. Though lll0228 could be bisexual, I suspect the comment is satire, at least to some degree.


jesus christ. What ever happened to keeping things civil? You guys are all better than this.

@stark: Right on!
I was skimming through for all the mean things to be said about @lll0228 and missed your comment.


Who would have thought that a post about a Valentine's Day dinner deal would have elicited such nastiness. Personally, I like Outback. Their ahi tuna appetizer is awesome. We go there occasionally and always get good service and reliable food. Fun drink menu, too. They have a flight of margaritas! How cool is that!?

Of course, we stayed home and had leftovers for Valentine's Day. Old married couple, you know.


My outback offered prime rib for two with all the above except a slice of cheesecake each for $50. I've been married 21 years and am of more than solid means. I asked my husband to take me here tonight when I returned from a business trip to spend quality time with him. Was it fancy=no, delicious=so-so, good company=yes! Enjoy life people, it's far too short. Plus the extra $ saved can buy more drinks...or build an IRA!


Even though I am expiring this "deal" it is valid through today, 2/17. As others have mentioned, the discount is minimal. Mine was $2.06. Really, Outback??

When I questioned the person who answered the phone, she started reciting what you get. Yes, I said. I know what you get. That's $2.06 less than the regular price. Again, she started telling me what's included. I said thanks. Very disappointing to me. Do believe they have good food, though. ;-)