dealsbest buy deal of the day 1/2/12: 1000w samsung 5…


Might want to add that it's a refurb.


I was interested, until I found these negative reviews...


The link goes to a Laptop deal


@colbytitus: Thats because it was the deal of the day YESTERDAY.


damn I was going to be on board for this and it are gone.

@julianna625: did you READ the "negative" reviews? One is a guy that ran premium wire in his house when he was building it and then was upset when there was proprietary clips for the cabling. That is reasonable. Another said the sound was great, but he thought it was wireless and it isn't so he gave it a bad rating.


i bought this from amazon for 199 bout a week ago. Only thing I warn against is that it does not have a hdmi in, and the wires to the speakers are prefabbed. I knew this so I would give it a 5/5. The bluray runs discs fast and the sound is awesome. Definitely worth 200 bucks.