dealsfinal fantasy sale on itunes for $3.99


Looks like Final Fantasy Dimensions is free right now. (as of 07:30 EST)
Also note that it is over 50mb so you will need to be on a WiFi connection to do the download.


@bowlingb: Looks like you have to buy the chapters for the game, and those are on sale for $16.99, regularly $29.99. Only the prologue is free.


So, I'm moderately stingy(deals.woot user surely no, but it is true), and not a big gamer, just wondering what people's thoughts might be on what would be the best value. Should I get 1 and 2, or just 3. If enough cries of ecellency, which also include lauding the ports to the iOS, are heard I may go for all 3, or a combination including the more expensive number 3. I wish Tactics was on sale.