dealshobby lobby - in-store coupon : 40% off one…


There is always a 40% off coupon at hobby lobby and they will accept them on your phone too. By far its the easiest way. They just look at the number on it to make sure its current.

just go to on your phone.


If you're into crafting, sewing, decorating, baking, etc. it would be worth your time to go to their website and subscribe to the Hobby Lobby email list. You will receive their weekly sales lists as well as coupons you can print. I just live a couple of miles from one of their stores and I go on serious Hobby Lobby binges at times. Never buy something there at full price. If it's not on sale this week, it will be in the next few weeks.


This is gonna be nasty. I've managed to stay away from these stores but can't resist a bargain. It's all your fault, woot!!


Hobby Lobby has a 40% coupon on ONE item EVERY week. But it appears to me that nearly every item in the store is 40% higher than other places for art supplies.

Michael's has few sales and better prices for art supplies, if you are going to buy more than one thing, my experience. Dick Blick, Amazon, and other online retailers have better prices.


@connallmac: So would it be better if they gave money to the Tides Center and Move On? The Greens are one of the most philanthropic families in the country especially when compared to their net worth.


@connallmac: I’m pretty sure your definition of extremist needs to be refined. Your article link talks about Rick Warren, which when searched in google brings up many of articles of how he and his congregation raised up millions of dollars for Japan, Katrina, the homeless, and the hungry. The church got in debt a while back because they gave so much and Christmas donations were down. I guess in a way they are extreme givers.

Plus this is a deals website to save money not bicker like old hens.