dealssandisk sansa clip 1gb mp3 digital media player…


This is also a great audio recorder! It has a great internal mic, and records .wav format with very good fidelity. Great for capturing lectures, meetings, etc. (It also records .wav from the internal FM tuner.)

Don't wait for the next Woot-off... buy one today! ;)


@crowbite: I would say this is a great audio (voice) recorder....and little else.

This is great for memo 's and what not I've got a couple of the bigger ones form BOC's I've purchased along the way...but as an MP3 player...unless you don't have much or if you plan to use this as an audio book holder (this model is supported by Audible Manager I think)...that's about it.....1GB storage is not a lot of room for music.

But 10 bucks for a voice recorder with ample storage? Yeah worth question.


This was actually a Woot! item a couple weeks back:

It was the 2GB instead of the 1GB, but for the Sansa Clip all the reviews were genuinely positive. I already got two from the previous sale or I'd be in for one from 1saleaday.

Good deal!