deals30% off used movies, games, cds, & books


Free shipping is huge on go hastings, because they normally $2.28 per item for movies and games, it makes this definitely worthwhile. Got 3 games that I had been waiting to be dirt cheap. Found them cheaper with this than anywhere else on the web. Many thanks!


@bstring87: It's been $0.96 for shipping for music and movies for quite some time. But regardless, free shipping is a HUGE deal.

You do need to do your research here though, not everything is worth getting. Just do a quick price compare with Amazon before you check out.

If anyone is wondering how fast the shipping is, they ship either media mail or first class mail, depending on the location. Keep in mind everything is subject to cancellation because they do not have an online inventory (they just pull from shelves).

I picked up 6 things.


The 30% off code only works for one item. I had two in cart and had to remove one to get 30% off the whole order and free shipping. Then the code won't work again if trying to make separate orders.


@tremmor: Not true. I used it on two separate orders for a total of 6 items.

I would make sure the items in your cart are used. Previously viewed is not the same thing as used.


@hackman2007: Seems true for me, after your post I tried to order the 2nd item again and verified that it's "used" not "previously viewed" and even though it let's me apply the coupon and says it's been applied, it doesn't take anything off and still charges shipping. Maybe you can tell me what I'm doing wrong... I tried to order item #008888526308 which is showing in stock used @ $14.81. I'd like to order it too but, but even when I tried again in an incognito window in Chrome the 30% code didn't actually take anything off.


@tremmor: That is weird. I know their website went down earlier today, but it's not taking 30% off anything for me anymore either.

I'm thinking the deal is dead, even though they said it was all day today. That sucks.


@hackman2007: Hmmm... I've only tried to order 2 items, but when I made the 1st order which had both items in it initially, the coupon only worked on the first item and it was still charging me shipping until I removed the 2nd item. So even when the coupon code was working, it wasn't working for that item apparently. If other items are also not working with the code then there may be larger issues. :(


the deal definitely works for multiple items and is still live, I just purchased 6 dvds, 5 of which were discounted and only one shipping charge for the entire order.


OK, so on the linked page it says "on qualifying used products" then there's a link lower to "see all qualifying titles" so the deal is it's not good on ANY used title, but only those they've chosen to make eligible for the coupon. The one it worked on for me, Kinect Sports, Season 2, is on their list, the other one was not, even though both were USED Xbox 360 games.


I hate when they list things that are out of stock... I got really excited that I could get Game of Thrones but they don't even have it...


I just went there (5:45am Eastern time) and there are huge red letters which say "This USED promotion has expired." Deal is dead.