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An interesting bit on gourmet salt, which is enjoying some controversy of late:
"So why else do we love gourmet salt? Well, it tastes better. Its chemical make-up may be similar to Saxa (although each differs, Zauber der Gewürze fleur de sel for example is only 91.5% sodium chloride), but there's a wholeness that's lacking elsewhere: its flavour is consistent and doesn't fade into the bitter aftertaste of table salt. Almost as important as taste, though, is the experience of using certain ingredients that makes cooking – for those who love it – so wonderful. I love the impulsiveness of measuring it out by hand, the crunch between the fingers, the sense of live culinary instinct as you throw it into a pan. And then there's the way it looks – salt flakes are beautiful. Who'd choose to top their salad with dodgy looking white powder over these gleaming savoury flecks?"