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Latest cuts of Star Wars are horrible. Visuals look great, but it's not worth it for the changes Lucas has made.

For example, in return of the Jedi, Lucas added a once deleted scene from the beginning where Luke reveals the whole plan to save Han, therefore ruining the beginning of the movie.


@silentlegend: So I guess you haven't even watched these.

There were no previously deleted scenes added back into the films for this release. They are essentially the same cuts as the 2004 DVD release with a few audio and CGI elements added.

The scene you are referring to (which is actually quite fantastic) is included as a deleted scene on one of the bonus discs, but it was not added into Return of the Jedi for the Blu-Ray.


insert generic comment about Lucas making changes here, which is essentially lifting one set of his creativity and vision into the highest regard, and then in the same breath completely denouncing and demonizing a separate set of the same man's creativity and vision


@tcanning: Guess I heard wrong. I heard they added the scene with luke in a cave to the 6th movie. The scene does have a badass-ness to it as Luke plays with his lightsaber, but reveals many plot points early, and for that I'm glad they didn't add it.

@chipmunkofdoom2: It isn't a matter of nostalgia that's why I don't like some of the newer edits, in fact many of the space scenes look much crisper now, and adding a beak to the sarlacc pit makes it seem more dangerous, which I like, but changing a scene such as the one where Han shoots first doesn't just replace the original, it changes the whole character. In one, Han gets right down to business and shoots where he sees trouble, in the other he responds to an attack with a counter.