dealsmartin scorsese 5 disc dvd collection for $13.50…


"Martin Scorsese 5 Disc DVD Collection"

Isn't this technically 6 Discs? Since Goodfellas is a 2-disc set...

5 movies/6 DVDs.


Goodfellas is the best movie of this collection.


Getting up to find a dvd and then putting ti in the drawer is way too much trouble. If it ain't streaming it ain't crap.


agreed with Goodfellas being the best of this collection.

Too bad that Taxi Driver, Raging Bull and Casino are not in this box. Those are my favs, along with Goodfellas.



No way. I still prefer physical releases for movies.


@rlj1010: I concur on that...i just had copied from item description...


@deathopie: It's great to see that we still embody the value of hard work over laziness in today's society.


@deathopie: If it aint streaming it aint crap? Doesn't that mean that you agree with getting DVD's?


@stephant: Yes but don't underestimate the others. They are all good movies, definitely worth seeing.


"After Hours" was a really good movie. He made it independently after he got big. I really think it is overlooked. Just saying.

But I did see it in NY when it first came out at a late showing back in the 1980's, so maybe I am biased. His stuff really does hold up well.