deals360 panorama for iphone 3gs, iphone 4, iphone 4s…


I've had this app for awhile now, does a pretty good job. It's fun to get the same person in multiple shots.


This reminds me of Microsoft Photosynth which is also free on the iPhone and very well designed.


works pretty good! free! awesome! thanks


photosynth is a better app (in that it is better able to recognize and stitch photos both horizontally and vertically (and diagonally for that matter). Not to mention it's always free and makes it easy to email photosynths to friends/family, post them on FB or tweet them.


I already have this app, it's a great app. I love using it at events.

Definitely worth a free download.


Here is a good review (with 360 degree photo examples) comparing Panorama 360 and Photosynth -


@kcmark: Thanks for the link that was helpful. I don't have either of these but will be getting them both now for FREEEEEE.


@gmania: No problem -- cool new apps are always nice, even more so when they're free!


Im excited to get both of these apps. My regular camera does amazing panoramics but I don't always have it. This will be great for quick shots with my phone or iPad. Thanks!


I totally LOVE this app.

Heres one I've taken a couple months ago at Universal Studios.

It's just funny to watch myself take a panorama though because you'll see me going in circles like three times.