dealsworld market: buy 1, get 1 free licorice and…


I have been looking everyplace for a travel salt shaker, as I like to carry sour salt (citric acid) in my purse. These little magnetic spice tins look like they might do the job wonderfully. Plus they would look cute in my kitchen. Just wish they came in yellow or orange to match my kitchen decor. But they will still look great.

Edit: Darn, they are not available online and the closest World Market is about 25 miles from here.


@moondrake: are available online... just not priced as nicely as the colorful ones, but it does have free shipping.


@sourmix74: Thanks! If they'd allow the free shipping to combine with the licorice I'd be sold. I was going to buy a couple of spice tin sets and a few packs of licorice for $5 shipping, netting out at about $15 spent. But this way I'd get only one set of plain silver ones for $10, and if I wanted any licorice I'd have to pay the $5 shipping on top of the cost. But thanks for looking.


Aargh, tease me with licorice but all the ones I want are only available in-store!