dealskingsford 41.9 lb. charcoal briquets for $9.99


41.9 lbs? What a strange number ...


@sirlouie: It's actually two 20 pound bags. That must include the bag weight.
I just got a new smoker, and decided to stock up on these. I bought 5 deals online & picked up in store. I'm set for the summer.


Not as good as the 2/$5.48 15lb. bags at Wal-Mart or if you hate Wal-Mart, the 2/$5.88 13.9lb. bags at Home Depot.

This deal is 24 cents/lb. and Wal-Mart is 18 cents/lb.

The Wal-Mart deal shows up in my local sale flier but not online, so it may be regional.


@omnichad: I am confused, which deal do you think is better?


@gthuffines: What grade are you in? Get out your calculator.


@gthuffines: Wal-Mart is 25% cheaper. It would cost only $7.65 for 41.9 lbs. if Wal-Mart sold that size for the same price.


I like Walmart deal best, as it is overall cheapest AND the smaller bags are easier to handle and store. And while I'm not a fan of and don't usually shop there, walmart can't make much profit on this deal - unless you buy a lot of other garbage while there for this great charcoal deal. Plus it isn't like home depot and lowes are pillars of the community.


@omnichad: Thanks! Walmart is not easy for me to get to (I know sounds strange) but I am all for cheap charcoal since its like burning money.


The Walmart deal states in their ad 2 15lb bags for the $5 and some change price, All of the walmarts im my area were sent 13.9lb bags making it different from the ad. I ended up complaining to one of the managers and they agreed to sell me the bags at the advert price, even though they were the wrong bag... Seemed pretty shady to me that they would ship the wrong bags out at the begining of the advert... But then again, this was probably the 5th time I stepped foot into walmart this year...


@papeluv: I wonder if they did this to me. It's still much cheaper than Lowes, but I'll be mad if they were selling 13.9 lb. bags. I doubt I still have the receipt, though.


I would check your receipt, the 13.9lbs bags rang up at $15 for the 2 pack.


@papeluv: Ads are created and printed 4-6 weeks before the actual sale date. Maybe the shipment didn't arrive in time, or it was a mis-print that wasn't caught. A lot of things happen between the ad creation and the date of the sale.


My walmart only got 4 pallets and they were sold out...The guy said that one person bought 1 pallet...No offers to sell me anything else to make up for it either. Oh well...Kind of felt like black Friday in May.