dealsdemon's souls: playstation 3: video games for $11…


Great find! This has been in my cart for months as I watched the price go up and down. When I checked my cart, it was $11.99, just as you said, and I placed the order. Thanks so much :)


This is still an awesome (but infuriatingly difficult) game, but they recently announced an imminent server shutdown, which will keep you from being able to take advantage of the multiplayer.


Specifically, the servers are scheduled to be shut off on May 31st. That gives me just enough time to finish Valley of Defilement and the second half of Boletarian Palace to complete my first playthrough. Love this game.


Out of stock from amazon, now shipped through another party for $19. :(


@seether254: seriously, did you even read the description?


@seether254: I will respond with a bit of patience. Aside from the description above, if you view the purchase options on Amazon, the top option listed says, "Temporarily out of stock. Order now and we'll deliver when available. We'll e-mail you with an estimated delivery date as soon as we have more information. Your credit card will not be charged until we ship the item."

I just confirmed that it still has this wording and is still accepting orders.


To add a bit more clarity: Underneath the large price, which is currently $19.40, there's a link that says something like "30 new from $11.99". Click on that. The first option (unless a cheaper on has cropped up) will be the $11.99 one from Amazon, which is "temporarily out of stock". Click the "Add to Cart" button.


DEAD....Amazon raised the price, now $17.


Amazing game, but not the kind of game that is for casual gamers. You will die a lot, every corner will punish you, but when you accomplish one task, you will feel like god. Imagine Skyrim being elementary school, and Demon Souls is like the vietnam war. Everyone can get through elementary school, only the battle hardened get through demon souls The game's difficulty is on par with raising a child.