dealskodak easyshare 16 mp digital camera (refurbished…


If you want a AA battery camera, this might be your last chance ever.


No a deal at all, same brand new model at walmart for $49.00. Camera includes charger, rechargeable batteries and camera bag. free ship with site to store.


@tapatiousa: Thank you, this is a much better deal.



I tried 5 different zip codes and each Walmart store location nearby was "Out of Stock." Anyone have any luck finding one?


@aksman44: have you tried a different color?? or just use the site to store option and get it delivery to your nearest walmart for free.


I also tried a ton of different zip codes and locations. Nothing. They're either out of stock or no longer carried. :( Why don't they remove these off their website instead of leading us on? Possible bait and switch so we'll continue looking there for another camera or some manager not doing their job? Going to buy it through 1sale, I used them 2 or 3 times without any problems. I have a long-time friend whose b-day is coming up that doesn't own a digital camera yet. This will be a perfect beginner digital point and shoot for her.

Thanks for trying everyone!



I'm in CA and didn't find anything. I'm with michxelle and going to order from 1saleaday. AA batteries are cheap so a recharger really isn't that important to me. I know Kodak is getting out of the digital camera market but these things really never have any problems (even refurbs).



I plugged the 92373 zip code into the Walmart deal and again "Out of Stock." So...?


If they don't have it at your store, add the camera to you cart and when you are ready to checkout, pick the "STORE PICK UP" option. That way it will be ship free to your store and you only have to show your confirmation email at the "site to store" area and pick you new camera.


I ordered two blues from 1sale. Shipping is $4.99 for each one. I emailed them and asked if Woot suggested them then don;t they honor Woot's policy? Will se what they say but another $5 isn't going to kill me.

These are new aren't they? I'm gifting and I prefer not to gift refurbs if possible. I bought the Fuji batteries way back (working great, )no problems.) I'll give a sleeve of the AA's and order some cards with another order I need to place for myself. It's still $10 less and the closest Walmart to me is 35-40 minutes away. Her birthday is over a month away so I have time to get the rest of what she needs inexpensively. Thanks for the Walmart link, it would have worked great if in stock. It still would have been plus $10, the 7 % sales tax and gas so the heck with Walmart for my situation. If it works, go for it by all means. I would have done it too in the right situation. Thanks again, it was worth a try. A lot of bang for the buck. Thanks!


@aksman44: Just for reference, shipping from Walmart adds $3.97.

Sponsored deal: $45 for a refurbished camera only.

Walmart deal: $54 for a new camera, a carrying bag, and the battery recharger.


@michxelle: from the daily deals, 1 sale a

Condition: Factory Refurbished
Packaging: White Box
Warranty: 90 Day
Manufacturer: Kodak
Model: C1550

sorry, the walmart deal is better.


I'm confused about why anyone cares whether a store is out of stock or not -- which is irrelevant to the $49 deal ON-LINE -- and shipping to the store is free, only shipping to your home is $3.97. Actually, Walmart offered free shipping to a FEDEX pickup point just down the street as well...


@tapatiousa: Walmart price plus local tax = higher price than this deal.


I was able to get the Wal-mart camera without problem. I am in Texas, but I don't know that it mattered.


@autryld: New item and warranty for 9 more months:$10.oo. Letting other people know of a better deal... priceless.....


Tempted to buy one for my kids.


Picked up the one from WalMart with no problem (in SWFL). Thanks for the deal! Was thinking about getting my son a digital camera this Christmas and this sealed the deal. Thanks again - one Christmas present down... too many to go.. :)