dealsskil 18-volt 1/2" cordless drill with case for…


This appears to be another drill that uses NiCad batteries (this uses the larger-style batteries). Not that NiCad are useless, but Li-Ion have better life and more consistent power throughout each charge.

This is a good price for a drill for occasional use, but NiCad batteries do lose charge if they set unused.


@relytyelgis: That is correct (since, out of the curious chance, that I am a lithium ion batteries researcher). A way to solve this problem is to leave the NiCad in their charger, so as it self-discharges, the charger can trickle it charge it back to its working voltage without too much memory effect. Li-ion based tools cost a lot more, and since I think most people only use their tools occasionally, this is great!


@lll0228 I agree lll0228. I picked up one of the Ryobi ONE kits that were posted here a while ago. It too is a NiCad and I'm perfectly happy with it.


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