dealshp envy 110 eaio printer (new) for $139.99 + $5…


First off this is not very cheap. At Costco they have a little better design for $69-$129.

Also I really believe that any "wireless" printing you must have easy tech support.My Wireless printer would not work with a tech on the phone for 2 hours at Costco congeries service.

The problem was I had downloaded the printer drivers using Firefox not IE! Go FING figure.

Just FYI


I agree that this isn't a deal! I bought this for my daughter to take to college and paid $68.00 plus tax on clearance at Sam's.


Not a great deal. For $25 more at amazon with free prime shipping for many. But saving $25 is cool. My real problem is that this is going to be a classic black friday deal in about 3 months. Yes, if you can't wait, it looks like an OK printer. HP replacement ink isn't cheap. I would recommend searching the net for a lasar printer. If you don't print pics, which to be honest you can do at walmart or walgreens with better quality, why spend money on this printer. I do like the concept of printing from my ipad, but many printers are available on the market that have this feature and it is growing. I waiting for black friday and the holiday season to buy a good printer for my ipad and phone.


I just set one of these up and was able to print wirelessly from two laptops, a cell phone, and directly by email. It's pretty cool, you can email an attachment from anywhere and it will print the attachment and email at your home. I think it's one of those features you feel like you will never use then before you know it you catch yourself doing it a lot.

This thing looks great, and it is super solid (as you can tell by its massive weight and materials). This might not be the best price but it is a pretty good printer.


HP and envy should not be in the same sentence.


This printer is overpriced, slow and has poor yield tricolor cartridges for what's a glorified bargain-quality printer you'd see thrown in with a purchase at an office supply store.

And although file transfer does not magically transform based on what web browser you use, the driver package for HP is rather bloated and full of unecessary crap. Ad-hoc WLAN is supported, however.

I'm personally biased toward most inkjet printers but I personally know this one is nothing special for what you pay.