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I forgot to mention the rebate is valid until January 4th, 2012.


Offer valid to residents of legal purchase age on purchases made in all states EXCEPT: AL, IN, ME, MS, NC, TX & UT

To receive your rebate, mail original dated cash register receipt(s) with price(s) of qualifying products circled and completed certificate to: CMS Rebate Center, Attn: Save $8 off Spirits –; DIAGEO1921, P.O. Box
426014, Del Rio, TX 78842-6014. You will receive your check within 6-8 weeks.

Offer expires 01/04/12. All requests must be received by 01/19/12.


@baqui63: Those are all the hardest-drinking states in the Union! They need this deal the most and yet they can't get it!!!



Meh... I just copied the details from the rebate form to save people a few clicks.

It is probably the politicians running those states (which means it is the people living in those states and voting for those politicians).

Interesting though that is in Texas, where the rebate is NOT valid.


Ugh. Wish it was valid for the 1.75L size. Just buying the 1.75L nets me about the same "per mL price" as with this MIR.

750mL Captain is $12.99 at my local ABC. Equals 1.2 cents/mL after MIR.
1.75L Captain is $19.99 (just bought two on Friday). Equals 1.14 cents/mL no MIR.

Even after the 19.99 price goes back to its normal 20.99, they'll both equal 1.2 cents/mL.

Also worth noting for you Captain drinkers that shop at ABC. Buying something there before the end of the year will get you a coupon on your receipt for $5 off two 1.75L bottles of Captain (or 2-3 other liquors) on your next purchase. So I was able to snag two 1.75L handles of Captain for $35. Can't be beat.


Do the drinks have to be bought at a certain store?


I am confused...I don't see a rebate form and the link shows drink recipes....what am I doing wrong ?


@firebirdude: Unless I'm reading this wrong, it's valid on 750 or larger bottles. So it would totally work with your scenario of 2 handles (1.75L) of Morgan. So you can get your 2 handles for $27. In other words, I just beat your deal. Enjoy man, I'm going for some Tangueray myself (the lady loves her G&T's).


@misterron: Thanks for this. I'm heading up to see the in-laws this weekend and will be passing through New Hampshire (read: No State Sales Tax). You just made my New Year that much sweeter (and a little cheaper!). Kudos hombre!


I agree with @tanios here (the rebate form states that it is valid on 750ml or larger bottles) so it would work for @firebirdude's 1.75l bottles.


@tanios: Ugh. It totally says that in the rebate form. I guess I should read more closely. Egg on my face. :-)

And I still have the receipt for the handles I bought Friday! Free $8 back now hahahahahahaha.

Might as well buy two more too. Have the rebate sent to a family members house or something. Hard to not stock up at that price.


@baqui63: I'm not sure is in Texas, but the rebate center is. Every time I've dealt with those CMS rebate people they find an excuse not to honor the rebate, and you can't contact them about it...


Seems Texas is not allowed to participate in ANY alcohol related deals. No free Stella glasses, etc. Damned puritanical blue laws.