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Storage and Use:
Although the seed is ready for immediate use, our garden seeds can be stored for up to 5 years at 65-70 degrees. Each additional 6 degree drop in temperature will double the storable life of your seed. Store in a cool, dry, dark location.
We recommend using or replacing the seeds in this container every 5 years.

About the Kit:
This kit contains 15 of the most popular vegetable varieties.
We have enclosed detailed instructions for planting each variety of vegetable seed contained in the Forever Garden™. Instruction for watering, fertilizing, picking, storing and harvesting seed are also included.

Basic plant info and instructions included

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Vegetables Included:
Type – Variety – Grams
Beets Detroit Dark Red 4.0
Cabbage Copenhagen Market 3.0
Cantaloupe Imperial 3.0
Carrots Tender Sweet 3.0
Corn Golden Bantam 25.0
Cucumbers Armenian Yard Long 4.0
Green Beans Top Crop 150.0
Green Peppers Cali Wonder 2.5
Onion Red Creole 2.0
Peas Lincoln 150.0
Romaine Paris Island 3.0
Spinach Bloomsdale Long 4.0
Squash Waltham Butternut 4.0
Tomatoes Floradade 2.5
Zucchini Black Beauty 3.0
Net Weight 17 OZ. (463g)
Over 1 full pound of seeds (8500 seeds)
Plants Up To A Full 1/2 Acre!