dealshere's johnny wall (or door) cling for $14.99…


That's just plain creepy ! +1


All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.


For some actors just plain crazy doesn't appear to be a stretch


Probably works a whole lot better than a Do Not Disturb tag hanging on the doorknob.


With every year we have more people who know that phrase only from the shining.


about five dollars worth of funny, certainly not fifteen


@lparsons42: I should only know it from The Shining (I'm young enough), but I did have to look it up anyway and I learned this:

The door that Jack chops through with the axe near the end of the film was a real door. Kubrick had originally shot the scene with a fake door, but Nicholson, who had worked as a volunteer fire marshal, tore it down too quickly. Jack's line, "Heeeere's Johnny!", is taken from Ed McMahon's famous introduction to The Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson, and was improvised by Nicholson. Kubrick, who had lived in England for some time, was unaware of the significance of the line, and nearly used a different take. Carson later used the Nicholson clip to open his 1980 Anniversary Show on NBC.


@omnichad: That's a really cool piece of arcane knowledge - thanks for posting it.