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BEWARE....APP Store access is NOT Google Play.

Even at this price it is a very poor piece of electronics.


Kill it with fire! What a horrible piece of garbage.


256MB of RAM?? Really?? Why not just buy an abacus??


When all 3 of the "Frequently Mentioned in Customer Reviews" on Amazon list to stay away and/or how bad it is, yeah, I'll steer clear.


Eww.... kill this listing... I'd bet 90% people buying this will regret doing so within 1 day of owning it....


I would be a lower cost reliable tablet to get?


Wow, cool, Ben's Outlet! That "$GB internal flash" will come in handy! Their words, not mine.


Is this worth it? It can really depend. I am not saying this a good quality tablet, but it is not complete trash. I got one awhile back. I do not use it now since I have a better tablet (larger 9 inch which is much better for web browsing). However, my nephew played with this one and liked it (he is 7). My sister was going to get him an Ipod touch, but had me get him one of these instead. He likes it and uses it often mostly for games. This can be a good inexpensive gaming/media platform for young kids for whom a $200+ tablet is folly. As tablets become more of a feature it does not hurt to have a "training wheels" approach to one.

It does not feature the droid market/google play but allows the amazon store and works pretty well as a little portable media player. I liked watching my operas on it. The small 7 inch size was not comfortable for web pages though, and it is a resistive screen so styli are best. There are reasons to get it, but it is really a niche product.


my nexus one had 512MB of internal memory and that was far from sufficient!


I bought one. Do NOT buy one.

1) There was no HDMI output and only one USB.

2) The screen is so SOFT, it leaves deep grooves that you can see and FEEL since you must press hard with a stylus (not included) to use.

3) The slot for the SD card has 2 openings. One works, the other eats cards into a large chasm and is VERY difficult to retieve, if at all.

4) Although it allowed upgrading to Android 2.2, it died within the second hour and would not turn back on. It would hum a second or two then die.

On the positive side, it is pretty fast for web browsing and plays Youtube videos well. Mine also had a working camera (not documeted).


@sherep: I'm pretty sure you had a different model if yours didn't have an HDMI output as the SYNET7LP does have a HDMI output.


This will NOT work with your fingers, you have to use a stylus. So it's not a multi-touch like your smartphone, it's a restive touch like a GPS. Bad bad bad for a tablet ... Reviews on Amazon are not good.


@jmattoon: No it was the same model, SYNET7LP-3


@sherep: Then you must of had a knock-off because the SYNET7LP has an HDMI port.


I am thinking about purchasing this for my children. They are always sneaking away with my kindle fire to play games. I don't want to spend the money to purchanse another kindle fire. How does this device do with game apps and online games? I am also wondering how this might interact with netflix or hulu?


They used to sell these new at the "mega drug mart" stores here - around last Christmas. They had them behind the register - and you know it's bad when even the clerk tells you it's the most frequently returned product in the store.


how is this piece of junk getting so many upvotes!


It's a $60 tablet, so I guess you get what you pay for.


@bhayanakmaut: People just look at the price and upvote without thinking.


Even if the android market isn't on this tablet, you can still side load apps from just about anywhere