dealstoshiba thrive 8gb 10" tablet for $159.99 + freeā€¦


PLUS the accessory bundle is available on the same page.

Toshiba Thrive Ultimate Accessory Bundle w/ Dock, AC Adapter, Carrying Case, Battery, Case & Screen Protector! 29.99


This a great deal for the price. As @morriea stated it is ICS OTA ready (my wife upgraded her 16GB last month with no issues). The accessory pack is a great deal for current owners, and I highly recommend it for new buyers. Basically for $190 you will get a 10" tablet that has a 1GHz dual-core processor, 1 GB of RAM, and 8GB or storage plus a second battery (great for travelling), a dock, and a nice case. My wife just bought a case for $15 that will be returned.


A warning.... Ben's Outlet has no customer service. I ordered a product...they never sent it. Their website says no phone number, "it is easier to contact us via email, and we'll reply within 24 hrs". Well... after emailing them daily for over a week without a reply, I logged a complaint with PayPal. And still no reply. Then I escalated it with Paypal. Right before the deadline, Ben's Outlet sends me an email that they are looking into it and will reply immediately. I emailed back right away stating 'don't bother shipping it...i bought the product elsewhere- cancel the order and refund.' Never heard from them..and then 2 days later, i get a shipped notice. So i had to refuse delivery. Then when it returned to them, they said i had to cancel the claim with Paypal to get the refund (thus removing the bad score with Paypal). I refused...followed through with PayPal and almost 2 months later- and several hours of my time spent- , i got my money back.