dealsgamefly summer sale day 6 - up to 88% off bundles


@bsmith1:The link is correct, but the redirect is not. Remove the extra at the beginning and it works


@lichme: Thanks. PC only? Boo! Should have looked at your tags, I guess.
Pro tip, in case your tags are removed, specify PC only in the title or description of the deal.

As if I could give lichme a "pro tip"...lolz


Does anyone know how this service works? Do you download an ISO and install it or is there some kind of GameFly software that it downloads and installs through?


This deal is a HORIBLE deal. you are far better off buying it off Steam. Then it's about the same price, but you get much better support for it and can get the DLC's later


@banerules: If I am right you will need to download a gamefly client which will then download the game and automatically install it at the same time.
I try to look for games on gamefly that require a STEAM client. In cases of Steam Client games such as Borderlands, you will download steam (google search) and then install it. Once Steam is installed it'll look sort of like a webpage - at the top of the page on the menu is "games" - click on that and then click on Activate on Steam. Copy the CD key that Gamefly will send you in an email and paste it into the activation and Viola - your game is linked to Steam forever!

Steam is awesome! You don't have to worry about losing or scratching discs and you can install it on any computer you have (you can only play on one at a time as you must log in). I know a lot of people sell their steam account on ebay once they get tired of the games. You can also uninstall and install as many times as you want for the most part.


@nighteyes5: I completely agree... unless you can activate it on Steam then I wouldn't purchase these games. Steam has them on sale all the time at this price. For some reason though they haven't gotten Mass Effect 3 on Steam yet. not sure why.

I've learned the hard way about not buying through Steam... I love how Steam keeps your entire library handy. I hate it when I can't remember what website I purchased a game from and have to look through them all. However I know that a lot of Gamefly games do have steam activation... just need to figure out which ones by looking for REQUIRES STEAM CLIENT somewhere in the description.


@fret0426: EA is trying to compete with Steam, but they're platform is very meh


@fret0426: Thanks a lot for the info, I appreciate the clarification! I was only looking for the $4.99 Bioshock 1 and 2 deal (only played parts of em) so I'm not too worried about the other concerns you mentioned. Cheers


Meh. All PC downloads. Nothing to see here.


Just look at the prices and you know they're not console games.

There's a good chance multiple games in these bundles activate on services other than GameFly. Borderlands 2 requires Steam (as indicated by @fret0426) and I think Mass Effect 3 and Crysis 3 are EA Origin only.


To be completely honest, the Gamefly client isn't THAT bad. I'm a die-hard Steam fan but when I saw Bioshock bundle on sale for $4 during another sale, I just sucked it up and got it (especially when the Bioshock bundle isn't compatible with steam). Using it for a single player game that I'm never gonna replay in my life was okay enough for me to get it. It does have similar features to Steam (figures).


@fret0426: "For some reason though they haven't gotten Mass Effect 3 on Steam yet"

Since you've been living under a rock you should Google Origin. It's EA's DRM. So.....