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Good idea, but I'm pretty sure my boy won't stop at removing limbs. His favorite thing is to surgically remove the squeaker, and then play with that as gently as possible until he pierces it, tossing it into the air and catching it to hear it squeal in terror.

Now, if they invented a velcro that took about 20 lb to pull off, he might go for it.


The title says free shipping, but the description says shipping is $1.99. Confusing.


@atticpaper: Yikes! You're right! I didn't catch that.

Well, I've seen this happen with this site before. They've always honored free shipping if it says that in the description.


I'm with joemarfice on this one - my 100-lb Boxer-Shepherd mix can't have wimpy fabric toys like this - his favorite thing to do with them is to grip them between his paws and turn them over and over until he finds a seam that he can work his teeth into, and then systematically disembowel the toy, leaving sad bits and pieces of toy and white fluff filling all over the house.


@suebeehoney70: He's a good little born carnivore! Living in an upholstered world...


BTW, I'm not saying this toy is especially weak, or poorly made.

I just wish companies would make extra-heavy-duty toys for owners of medium and big dogs.


@joemarfice: I understand what you're saying about this particular toy - but to be honest, there isn't a fabric toy out there that my dog can't destroy. I've even purchsed those that are advertised for "strong chewers" or as being "practically indestructible". He kills them within minutes. It's like he has a vendetta against anything made of fabric. Even the heavy-duty canvas toys don't stand a chance. Braided rope tug toys last somewhat longer before he completely unravels them.

The only thing he can have that he can't destroy are the rubber toys made by the JW company. And even those he can damage. He has one of the "Cuz" toys (a ball with feet and a squeaker) - squeaker is still in place, but he killed it. It doesn't squeak anymore. I think he stuck his tooth through it. Their A-Maze-A-Ball lasted 8 years before it finally started cracking and I had to get a new one.


LOL! I guess this is a better toy for my daughter's Shih Tzu than it would be for the neighbors' Saint Bernards!