deals20th century fox 50% off all blu-ray movies & tv…


Didn't work for Star Wars or The Croods :(


Shipping doesn't show as free. Starts at $3.70.


@treebreland: @skorny :
They have some glitches.
This was one of their sale announcements : "Start your holiday shopping early with this flash sale! From now until Saturday get 50% off your entire order on FoxConnect using promo code: FLASH "

Just saw on twitter : "Holiday Gifting sorted, courtesy of FoxConnect's Flash Sale! Get 50% off all orders up to $100 with promo code FLASH "

I originally saw it for only blu-ray, but now dvds too.
One post says up to $100. The other no limit. Some people are posting around the net that certain movies are not meshing w/ the code. It doesn't jive w/ what Foxconnect themselves said.
Sorry about that, I just quoted the seller.

I got free ship. You have to check UPS ground ship. Then again, maybe it is only working for certain movies.
What a mess.
Good deal if you can get it to work for you.
Many movies that I've tried work. I haven't tried to go over the 100. So I'll try that next and report back.
In the meantime. Catch as catch can !


I can't go over the $100 mark or it wipes out the discount. So that might be the problem. Then I take something out to get it below 100 and have to re- enter the code. Their website over all is not well organized. But for 50% off, I'm willing to do some tweaking of my order to make it work.

wonder if I can have more than one order to use it ? hmm.... If anyone tries that please report back. Thanks !


I got free shipping. I bought Epic, the Diary of a Wimpy Kid Trilogy, and Willow for 33.xx shipped. There was tax, which seemed odd, but not my usual rate, so I went with it :)

I checked out with paypal. not sure if that made a difference for the free ship. Thanks for the deal!


@treebreland: Glad it worked for you. I'm still getting added shipping and tax. Twelve and a half bucks for Willow.


Awesome deals even if it takes a little work. I was able to get to 99.96 with careful wrangling. No tax when shipped to PA.


Got an order put together created an account then got kicked off or something and now I can't get the discount becasue it DELEATED MY CART WITH MY APPLIED DISCOUNT CODE. I re add everything to my cart and it tells me I can't use the code. AND I added the complete stargate atlantis to my cart and the price more than DOUBLES (it was 59.99 now it's 129.99). Not feeling too happy


Okay, after a couple of tries I got my order to go through. 8 Blu Rays for $34 delivered is a fantastic deal. Some stuff isn't eligible (Star Wars in my case), but it was worth the fifteen minutes it took me to get it to work.