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It's real. Just added it to my quene to download when I get home.


Not sure if this is just some kind of core game where you still have to buy the individual boards (similar to Hasbro's Game Night), but I'm downloading anyway :)


@robogriff: I think you are right. When I tried it, it seems like a demo. It kept asking me to buy the full game.


I don't know where the OP is getting his information. robogriff is right, this is a "hub" game, where the initial portal is free, but any content will cost you. This is not a limited time offer or anything. Pinball FX2 will always be "free."

That being said, if you like pinball games this seems very worthwhile. And if you own Pinball FX1 or any of its DLC, those tables will all transfer into this game free of cost.


That's odd.. I dl'd it and played a free Street Fighter game. I went to play another one today after reading comments and I had to pay to add.. Sucky!