dealsmikasa french countryside pasta bowls, set of 4…


damn kids trying to put pasts into soup bowls.... why the nerve!


I've been looking for pasta bowls of about this volume. Some things I wonder about these tehy are stoneware, well, in my experience stoneware doesn't do well in the microwave (though the text says this is "microwave safe"). It gets TOO hot to handle easily. I also wonder about the design of the rims--would you call that fluted or scallped?--it looks ripe for breaking in tranisiting in and out of the sink or dishwasher knocking against other items.

What do ya'll think?


In for one. Mikasa makes a good product. Even got permission from "Her Highness" first!


This is actually a great deal! Instead of $15 a bowl, it is $5! I got the 45 piece set for my bridal shower a year and a half ago. These dishes are beautiful and very well made. The SOUP bowls are what comes with the 45-piece set, which are 8 1/2 inch bowls. The PASTA bowls are 10".


I'm really curious about the stated capacity of 55 ounces each. A standard cup is 8 ounces, A half gallon is 64 ounces. Surely these bowls don't actually hold just under a half gallon each??

And I thought my spouse was a big soup eater!


Good deal, I ordered two sets and the shipping was still just $4.95 to ship all of them.-THX