dealsborderlands 2 + season pass for $24.99 + freeā€¦


I contacted Amazon customer service because a $30 credit is supposed to apply to any purchase of 2k games, but the credit is not showing up for BL2 + SP. Whereas a $15 credit shows up for BL2 on it's own (no season pass).


Excellent find my friend.
This is a great deal!!! It's too bad I just bought most of the parts individually about a week ago when they were on sale for half price each.
YOU CAN BUY JUST A SEASON PASS FOR $9.99 from Amazon right now if you already own the game. DO IT!
Support this awesome game so they'll make more awesomeness for it for us to keep playing.


Checked out the deal, but found its for PC not Xbox.
Platform: Windows Vista / 7 / XP.

Still a good deal if your looking for the PC version.


@eliyave: PC only? Super weak. I was about to forward this to a friend who doesn't have it yet.


UPDATE: After contacting Amazon Customer Service via e-mail they credited me with a $45 general credit because the $45 credit for 2k games wasn't working. I had a similar issue with Blockbuster when I never got a credit after making a purchase and was told basically sucks to be you. Amazon is wonderful!

So I basically got BL2 + SP free as part of my $60 pre-order purchase of Bioshock Infinite (PC download). And I have change to spare now more than I should.


is it still downloaded through steam or another client that is amazon specific?


@bsmith1: You just dont find the deals this cheap on Consoles this early in the games life...not weak...just the way it is..


@cujo255: You can download it directly from Amazon, but it also gives you a product key if you want to activated it and download it through Steam.


Hot damn, and I thought the deal last week at GamersGate was good. I gave that one a miss, but $25 for the whole shebang? That I might have to do.


Sweet, in for one.

Question: on Steam this is a Steam Play game but on Amazon it just says it's a PC download. I'm wondering if anyone knows if this might work on Mac too? I don't see why it wouldn't, or how Steam would be able to separate the two from each other if it's Steam Play but just wondering.

(I'm at work or I'd verify for myself by downloading)


Update: Yes this will work as a Steam Play game if you own a Mac and down't want to bootcamp.


@fedish925: You can still buy the base game for $19.99 until noon I think. And the Season Pass for $9.99. You just have to buy the individually.


NOT GONE. Only the bundle is sold out. Just the game is still available for $20


Bundle is back. Get 'em while they're hot!


@whtthfgg: Super weak in that it got my hopes up...then crushed. Maybe a super win for others.