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Some people complain that the 32 GB version does not have enough storage left after the OS & Office. (I disagree for typical use - we have a 32 GB model.) This is the larger 64 GB version.

Refurb Windows RT tablets can be a cheap way use Microsoft Office (included) in a compact, portable way, especially if you add one of the keyboard-covers.


I bought the 32 GB refub one and within two weeks it didn't work correctly. Microsoft honored the refub warranty and got another within a few day of FEDEXing it back. Second one works perfectly wished this larger size memory would have been available, but 32 works just fine


Don't forget, it's only 32 gb, but it can take a microSD card. I have the 32 supplemented with a 64 gb microSD for music/pictures/etc.


@dakranii: What do you mean it's only 32gb? The listing on NEWEGG clearly says 64gb, as does the description above.


Ah, sorry, was reading the other comments and had 32 stuck in my head. My mistake.


@ignace: yep about this being the 64GB model but @dakranii's point about bumping the storage via micro SD was a valid one - for either the 32 or 64 GB models. Also, since it has a full sized USB port it is easy to connect an external drive to move stuff on or off of it.

Unlike other OS tablets this tablet 'feels like' just any other Windows PC on your network and sees the other PCs as well. That also means no hassle auto-find printing. (We didn't even have to find or load a printer driver - Windows did it.)