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BEWARE: This appears to be only compatible with select LG televisions. The description on the Daily Steals website leads you to believe it is compatable with any LCD, LED or Plasma TV. That is not true according to the LG website's Q&A regarding this product:

Will the product work with other than LG brand Television?

I have an LG Blu-Ray player and want to wirelessly connect the Blu-Ray player to my non-LG Television. Will the receiver in this product be compatible with Non-LG products as a Plug-n-Play type of device? If it is compatible...I will buy the product tomorrow.

This product is only compatible with the models below:

Compatible LED LCD Models
LX9500, LEX9, LE8500, LE7500, LX6500, LE5500 LE5400
Compatible LCD Models
LD650, LD550
Compatible Plasma Models
PK950, PK750

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@bob671: That may be the most helpful comment in history.


I believe it is, I was about to go HAM on this deal. a must for anyone that doesn't like clutter. Damn LG and their small print.


are there other, more universal brands of this kind of product?


@bob671: Great research! I need something like this and was about to click their green button but decided to look over here for comments first. As @elmucho asked, does anyone know of a universal variation on this item?


The LG TV's listed as compatible are circa 2010.
LG has not updated their compatibility charts, but the manual for my 2011 LG 60PZ950 states it is compatible.
It is definitely an LG TV only item, and not all LG TV's, either.
Also, not 3D will have to run an HDMI cable to the tv when viewing 3D content (seldom!).
In for 1...


@bob671 This is why I Woot. Great info, thanks.