dealsxbox 360 - assassin's creed: brotherhood for $16…


great find. I picked up a copy and also got Dead Space 2 for $14.25 using the same code. both games with shipping and tax came up to $35.46. cheaper than buying either one of them new :)


Good game. If you want to save yourself frustration, don't do the extra secondary mission objective they optionally ask you to do unless you're really bored... it's REALLY not worth it as it doesn't add anything to the story.


I loved this game...I got turned off to AC games after getting all hyped up about the first one, and then playing it and realizing it's about 15 minutes of game play...repeated 50 times.

AC II was great too - I actually played 'em in reverse order and still liked it (Brotherhood was better..)

AC I still sucks.