dealsblockbuster express free rental codes for $0.00


I'm interested in why the negative votes for something that is free. Any ideas?


@zapp brannigan: Because not everyone is into (or capable of) texting?


I dont even own a (working) cell phone.
(I am not one of the down votes)


@stanleys: Just because a deal doesn't apply to you doesn't mean it should be down voted. I have a Windows phone but I would never down vote an android or IOS deal just because I don't have that device. Odd that the other blockbuster deals were soo much more popular than this.


@zapp brannigan: Simple answer...haters gonna hate!

Actually, the only downside I could see to this is you are giving out your cell number, which opens you up to sales calls if BB decides to sell your information. I like to keep my cell number secure, so I would never do this. With that being said, I would not downvote it either. I would just click on to the next deal.

Also, that is an awesome ID by the way :) Futurama FTW!


@zapp brannigan: Don't even bother, man. This community has gone to the dogs. It will be a good case study for somebody's MBA class someday.