dealslenovo multimedia remote with keyboard for $20.99…


I got one of these a few months ago to use with my HTPC. I really like it, but it's impossible to use in the dark.

They have a newer model that is backlit.


Yeah i'd hold out and wait for a deal on the newer model which I see regularly for $35 after coupon. I have this model however it works, but the ball just doesn't seem to work as good. Newer model is a trackpad instead in the same location.


@mfpmax: It can be and has to be cleaned every few months. Mine is just a little warped after two cleanings, but is still functioning great.


"Dimensions: 13512627mm"

Damn, that's 8 miles long.

I love these things. They're like the HTPC's best friend.


My trackball was acting up on the 2nd or 3rd day of usage lol. But I still use it from time to time on an older machine that doesn't have a keyboard hooked up to it but has accessible USB ports.