dealsgerber bear grylls survival series fire starter…


Cool as this may be, does anybody really need this? Have you watched the news lately?


@spunkyjt: is that a terrible wildfire joke?
Wha... I just peed myself

sxn sxn

Hm, Bear Grylls - so this thing plugs into your hotel room outlet?


Much more popular than the Gerber "Bear Grylls Survival Series Drink Your Pee" kit...


@sxn: "is that a terrible wildfire joke?"
Why ask a question that, judging by your overblown response, you believe you already know the answer to? Geez...."Lighten" up.

(see what I did there?)


Would love to have one of these BUT not on web site that I can see. Is it just me or is this a bait & switch?


@offline999: It did seem like they got a little 'fired' up, didn't it?


For the record - I apologize if I offended anybody - I didn't intend to make light (no pun intended) of anybody's situation or anybody that's been displaced by the wildfires going on right now.


@volleyb: you mention, on another thread that disappeared , that you tether your Toshiba Thrive to an android phone. Do you have a link for how that gets accomplished??


@lstaff: Ummm, let me look. It was a while ago. Also, have to have your phone rooted.


@lstaff: Root your phone (Google your model in and install Wireless Tether for Root Users, or flash one of the other ROMs with it already build in, like CyanogenMod. Look for a one-step root. Warning, you will wipe your data.